Bob Tambo

Principal / Creative Director

Bob’s superior sense of design earned him the coveted role of Creative Director for one of the top ad agencies in Los Angeles. Fortunately for us, a secret boyhood desire drew him – and his talent – to our neck of the woods.

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Allyn Hulteng

Principal / Marketing Strategist

Not only does Allyn believe you can create something powerful out of a tiny spark of inspiration – she’s done it. Her secret?

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Lee Hulteng

Senior Illustrator & Artist

A modern renaissance man, you’ve probably seen Lee’s artistry and didn’t know it.

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James Woodcock

Director of Photography

From the cockpit of a stunt plane to mining operations a mile below the earth, James’ award-winning photography spans the vertical gamut.

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Bonnie Ramage, MSPR

Account Executive

In a studio full of right brain creatives, Bonnie brings a much needed left brain balance. Her ability to create effective marketing strategies is nothing short of genius.

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